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October 31, 2016

Last month I wrote about feeling glad to be back into my competition stride and like myself again with the tournaments. I was happy that translated in my performance during the last one. There was only one blue belt opponent, yet they gave us two matches and a possible third if it was 1-1 after the second. I put in more time with my meditation the week prior and attended yoga class. I often talk about how the biggest challenge for me in jiu jitsu tournaments is the breathing during matches while staying present and calm. After competing in sports where long term cardio wasn’t an issue, I was aware at how much work I needed to perform well. I also noticed that even if my conditioning was on point, my nerves would sometimes get the best of me and leave me feeling like I had terrible cardio with the adrenaline. After the first few tournaments this year, I felt back on track with calming my nerves.

In my first match, I took her back and ended with the rear naked choke, which is my most practiced submission. In my second match, my opponent attempted a heel hook yet I defended and went for the darce choke to finish the match. I was naturally happy to get submissions in both matches, but also happy to feel calm and breathing well. I felt smooth when transitioning, present during the match, and calm which has a huge effect on my performance and strength.

I just checked in today with my double lotus with no hands goal and happy to say that I’m almost there. Goals like these are a good reminder of how one step at a time every day really makes a difference.. I can see and feel the difference when I sit in lotus to practice. It used to seem like doing it without hands was impossible and now it feels like it’s just around the corner. I also am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with my book. I spoke with a publishing company about my options with the type of publishing and looking to have it done sometime in 2017. I still need to work out the details about editing and publishing, yet the process is moving forward and I’m getting excited.

I have a photo shoot scheduled for next month to update my photos and add some new shots to my current ones. I’ll be shifting my training to more weights/plyos and slightly less jiu jitsu until the shoot. Whether it is getting shoot ready or competing, BetaTOR and HMB are always fueling my training for optimum performance and helping shape my physique. If you missed my 5 Fave videos for shoulders, check it out here! My next 5 Fave will be of my favorite plyo exercises, so look for that one coming soon! Happy training!

- Jennifer Dietrick, IFBB Pro/Martial Artist

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