Team BetaTOR

Sam Dancer

CrossFit Games Athlete / Fit Dad

Sam has a passion for human movement, health, and adventure.  As a CrossFit athlete and coach Sam loves to provide an outlet for people to explore their capacity.


Bryan Dermody

Powerlifter / Fit Dad

Bryan’s happy place is with an iron barbell in his hands.  As a former Collegiate athlete and Strength and Conditioning Coach Bryan knows a thing or two about training for sport. 

Carissa Johnson

WBFF Pro / NPC Bikini / Fit Mom

From being told she may never walk again from a horrific accident; Carissa has never stopped the grind to be her best self and she proved to everyone she could come back stronger.


John Porter Jr. (JP)

Personal Trainer / Master’s Track & Field / Fit Dad

John is a proud dad with over 17 years of experience in the fitness industry.  He’s passionate about developing individual’s athletic potential.


Spenser Remick

ASC Pro Strongman / Fit Dad

Spenser is a former Collegiate football player who is no stranger to picking up the big weights.  Earning his Strongman Pro Card in 2015 has allowed him to travel the World.



TJ Tollakson

Retired Pro Triathlete / Fit Dad

Industrial engineer and entrepreneur TJ Tollakson finally hung up his racing shoes after 17 years of competing as a professional triathlete.  Now his focus is on his family, business, and coaching the next generation of athletes.



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