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Training is a potent anabolic stimulus, which ultimately dictates muscle hypertrophy and strength gains achieved.  However, your training is limited by your ability to recover.

BetaTOR is a supplement that helps shifts the balance of protein synthesis and protein degradation in your favor and allows you to recover faster so you can maximize your training volume and frequency, thus maximizing your gains!

As we adapt to the training stimulus, the program needs to be cycled or periodized to get the greatest stimulus.  This can be accomplished with linear or non-linear periodization.  The figure below shows how non-linear periodization provides the greatest stimulus and gains in muscle hypertrophy and strength.  But if recovery time is limited, this intense training can lead to overtraining.  This is where BetaTOR can play an important role and minimize your recovery time to maximize your gains.

Non-Linear Periodized Resistance Training = BetaTOR Condition = Control Condition Hypertrophy Non-Linear Periodized Muscle Damage Resistance Training Enhanced Regeneration
Linear Periodized Resistance Training = BetaTOR Condition = Control Condition Hypertrophy Linear Periodized Muscle Damage Resistance Training Enhanced Regeneration


Some important factors in maximizing your training stimulus are:

  • Range of Motion - This is critical to maximizing the training stimulus.  Simply put the exercise must be completed through the full range of motion.
  • Rest Periods and Intensity - A program should stagger rest periods and intensities to maximize the training stimulus.
  • Exercise Choice - The more muscle groups you train, the greater the overall stimulus.  Thus a variety of exercises should be used to maximize muscle response.

By incorporating these factors into a periodized program, it will allow you to provide a greater training stimulus.  An example of such a program was used in a study at the University of Tampa investigating the benefits of BetaTOR.  In this study, researchers wanted to put BetaTOR to the test by creating a situation where the study subjects would train at such a high volume they would not normally recover in time for their next training session (Wilson et al., 2014) – termed overreaching.  The researchers incorporated the key factors above to maximize exercise stimulus.  What they found was that, under this intense 12-week training program, BetaTOR allowed the subjects to recover more quickly and fully between sessions and continue to make gains in lean muscle and strength throughout the study and achieve amazing results!   

The 12-week training program the researchers used was split into three phases:
Phase I: 8 weeks of daily undulating periodization
Phase II: 2 weeks of overreaching
Phase III: 2 weeks of tapering  

To follow this intense training regimen used in the study, click here to download the following sheets to guide you through the program.

*Before starting any training program (or supplementation regimen) you should consult with your physician to assure you are in good health for the type of program you intend to use.  This is particularly important if you intend to follow the program outlined here, as this program is designed to have you achieve your maximum intensity during multiple workout sessions.


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