Update with CrossFit Games Athlete Sam Dancer

May 15, 2017

Q:  First off, congrats on your performances during the Open especially after having influenza.  How did the Open feel for you this year?  Are you happy with your performance and results?
SD: Thank you! The open was rough but I'm happy with my performance. I wanted to be top 15 this year and I did it! 

Q: How has your training changed since the Open and prepping for Regionals?
SD: Intensity goes up substantially. I also go from training 2x/ week to about 5-6x/week as long as I'm recovered and primed enough to get that many days in. 

Q:  In your recent Output TV behind the scene videos it showed a lot of breathing work, unique mobility and accessory work on firing muscles?  Is this a big emphasis in your daily regimen?  And how do you recommend others to implement this into their training?
SD: You are severely limiting your mind and body if you don't have a breathing regimen, focus or awareness. I don't complicate it either, just simple "focus" on your breath as often as possible. It's one of our greatest diagnostic tools and teachers. 

Q:  What does your nutrition plan look like for Regionals?  Do you have a specific template you follow?
SD: Just eat more and more often. I burn about 6-7 thousand calories on a training day. That is a lot of food.  

Q:  Besides keeping nutrition in mind, do you have any specific supplements you use to aid your training?
SD: HMB is honestly the only supplement I have regularly taken in the past 4 years. I try to regularly use creatine as well. 

Q: What are your goals for Regionals this year?
SD: My goals are weird. I want to "try" to win the region without sacrificing time from my wife, coaching and focus on Christ. 

Q:  Since you started CrossFit how do you think you have changed as an athlete and what are you hopes moving forward?
SD:  I've gained more wisdom and been able to reduce the probability of me making the same mistake twice. Mostly injury related. Moving forward I hope to continue to educate myself though my own faults and others teachings. 

Q:  Since being in CrossFit, you’ve travelled a lot for seminars, appearances and other events; do you have a favorite place that you’ve been?  And why?
SD: Brasilia - the energy and people
Brugge - the architecture
Lake Tahoe - the beauty
Dubai - the overall experience 

Q:  Thus far in your CrossFit career, what has been your most memorable moment?
SD: Generally speaking the joy people get from meeting me. That sounds really egotistical but I don't view myself as a superstar or famous. So when someone's day is made because I talked to them for 10 minutes, gave them a hug or took a picture with them, that is really cool. 

Q:  Besides training and coaching what does Sam like to do with his free time?
SD: I like to ride my one wheel or long board with my wife. It's probably my absolute most favorite thing I could ever do or think of doing. I love staring at her and holding hands while we ride around. 

Q: Any other shout outs or things you would like to share?
SD:  Change your life and heart by participating in this year’s row raiser. Go to and search "row raiser" 

Thanks Sam for your time and we wish you the best of luck with training and prep for Regionals!

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