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July 1, 2015

I’m finally feeling settled into my new place and in the normal swing of things. I describe myself like a tree when I move. After the move, it still takes a while until the roots take hold and grow accustom to the new surroundings. Per my last blog, I’ve already increased my meditation time in both the morning and evening. Over the past few years it has become like training for me. If I don’t do it, then I don’t even feel like myself. It has also helped with my jiu jitsu tournaments. I’ve always done visualization and meditation with other sports, yet I knew exactly what I was going to do come game day. Jiu jitsu is much more challenging mentally because of the unknown during a match.

I was not at my best in my last tournament and lost my first match. There was no time limit and I feel like I was assuming it was going to be a long match and wasn’t as aggressive as I’d like to have been. When I first competed in tournaments, I used to feel delayed many times. My mind to muscle reaction was decreased during matches which naturally was frustrating. I felt that way at my last match as well even though it wasn’t delayed as much as I have been in the past. I don’t know how much difference it would have made for the turnout of the match, but I am happiest when I’m performing my best whether I win or lose. Some of my performances I’m most pleased with I didn’t necessarily win and vice versa.

I went on to have a second match in the higher weight division. They had a spot to fill and I always like to get the extra practice when I have the option. I lost that match as well although it was very challenging given her experience and weight class. I started feeling sick a few days after the tournament and ended up having to pull out of the following tournament. I was disappointed that I couldn’t compete, yet knew it was the right decision. I’m looking forward to the next tournament at the end of July and then I’ll have another one in August. The coach I was taking personal lessons from has been injured so I’ve resumed them with another coach. I’m thrilled, since I get so much out of the one on one instruction.

My next 5 Fave video for glute exercises will be posted soon. I have already done a 5 Fave for isolated glute exercises. This video will include all compound exercises, so it focuses on not only the glutes but the legs as well. Try a combination of at least five exercises from both videos to make an ideal glute workout. My glute training typically has a combination of 5-8 exercises using several movements from the videos although I keep it varied to continuously progress. I often add supersets, drop sets, partials, and slow sets along with supplementing with BetaTOR for excellent recovery. Stay tuned for the results from my next tournament and happy training!

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