Team BetaTOR Athletes compete at the Arnold

March 17, 2017

Metabolic Technologies, Inc. is proud to have two of our athletes invited to compete at the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival. 

Powerlifter Bryan Dermody had the opportunity to compete in his 7th SlingShot Pro Deadlift and he did not disappoint.  Bryan opened with an easy 716 lb. pull and had no issues with his second attempt at 760 lbs.  For his 3rd attempt, Bryan strategically asked for 788 lbs. to be put on the bar.  He grinded it out and got 2 white lights on his 3rd attempt for a good lift and placing him 4th overall. 

Powerlifter Nick Weite was invited to participate in the Rogue Grand Prix (a new full powerlifting event) and the SlingShot Pro Deadlift (5th year invited).  On Saturday Nick stepped on the platform for the Rogue Grand Prix event.  He ended up squatting 881 lbs., bench-pressing 600 lbs., and deadlifting 771 lbs.  This placed him 2nd overall.  Then on Sunday morning he competed in the SlingShot Pro Deadlift.  For Nick’s 3rd attempt he pulled 816 lbs. giving him 2nd place overall. 

We are very proud of both of our athletes and wish them the best of luck with the rest of their events this year!  Full results from the powerlifting events at the Arnold can be found here.

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