Subfighter Results - Jennifer Dietrick

April 29, 2015

I was thrilled that my last two tournaments had plenty of women to compete against.  My first tournament I had two matches and three matches in the second tournament. I had already expected a good turnout and was happy with my performance as well.

In the Spring Challenge Tournament, I submitted both opponents with a rear naked choke/crank. I was working on a new game plan for my takedowns and different options in transitioning due to failed attempts in prior competitions. I told one of my coaches at the tournament to yell out after two minutes if I was still standing. I wanted to get plenty of ground time experience, so I was prepared to try a move I wasn’t as confident in to make certain I took the match to the ground with time to spare. I was happy that I took both opponents down under the two minutes.

In the Subfighter Women’s tournament, I submitted my first two opponents with rear naked choke and crank again and the last one I won by points. Again, I was not concerned with my own two minute rule given they all went to the ground before that time. Taking BetaTOR and PEAK ATP before my matches helps tremendously in giving me extra strength and stamina for all of my matches. It is a noticeable difference than rolling without the supplements.

I’ve competed in five tournaments so far this year and plan to take off the month of May, given that I am moving into a new place and have family visiting. It will be a good time to work on some new jiu jitsu moves as opposed to my normal game plan for competitions. It will also give me time to work on improving my strength along with refining my physique. I’ll also be focusing a little more time on my book and redo my website with updated info, videos, and photos.

My next 5 fave video will be for isolated glute training. I will eventually do one for compound movements that target the glutes along with the rest of the thighs as well. It is usually the area most often asked about by women, which is why I am making both to give various options for the glute muscles.

After I am settled into my new place, I will decide when my new competitions will be for the summer and reassess my goals. This month I will look at my new year’s goal to determine if I am on track and/or what aspects need more or less time. When my quarterly taxes are due, it is a reminder for me to do a check in on my new year’s goals and reassess wherever necessary. Stay tuned for my future 5 fave videos and happy training!

-Jennifer Dietrick, IFBB Pro/Martial Artist

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