Road to Recovery: Training Post-Surgery | Spenser Remick

March 1, 2019

Strongman Spenser Remick recaps his recovery journey after tearing his bicep tendon in early October. 

After having bicep tendon reattachment surgery, I knew it was going to be critical to start moving and getting active again as soon as the healing process started. I decided to take 2 full weeks off from training after my surgery just to make sure I didn't totally drain myself of energy and interfere with the healing process.

During that time, I really focused on making sure I was taking in as much water and protein as possible, along with plenty of BetaTOR, because I wanted to make sure I was absorbing as much of that precious protein as possible.

After my first follow up appointment 2 weeks post surgery, I started doing some lower body and single arm training which was a huge relief. It felt great to move some weight again. Throughout my first few weeks, my arm was still immobilized, which was good, because I had absolutely no confidence in myself to move it freely.

Slowly but surely, after several PT sessions, I was able to start doing some light curls and rows (2.5-5 lbs.). This was definitely humbling to someone who was used to loading 450 lb. atlas stones and pressing 400+ overhead. I made sure to continue to take BetaTOR with every protein source I ate to help ensure that I was taking every chance I could to recover, as well as strengthen the muscles around my bicep, and aid in its recovery. Following this protocol definitely was a huge benefit to my recovery.

At just over 18 weeks post surgery, I have deadlifted 675 lbs. for a set of 5, and log pressed over 400 lbs. again. I honestly had several days when I thought I would never get back to my old strength levels, and those days were hard. However, following the basics as far as nutrition, rest, and recovery, and doing all of the things I have always done have brought me right back to where I was before my injury, or at least within 10%, which I consider a huge success. The support of my friends, family, PT, coach, and Team BetaTOR made all the difference in my recovery.

Spenser Remick, ASC Pro Strongman | Team BetaTOR athlete

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