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January 31, 2019

There’s a lot of information out there about how to reach your goals. Common advice is to take a major goal and break it down into smaller ones. Smaller goals are more manageable and can make the big goal seem less daunting. But what do you do when a smaller goal is achieved?

Just like anything else in life, there are ebbs and flows. We can’t always be in pursuit of something. The body and mind require time to rest and recharge before continuing to push forward.

Until recently, I was a chronic goal-getter. I wouldn’t take a moment to appreciate my progress, and would grind ahead to the next one. I realized there is little joy in this and decided to change my outlook and routine. Celebrating a mini-goal achievement can be fun and can help provide motivation to keep moving! Here are my top 5 ways to celebrate.

1.       Have some fun.

Plan an afternoon that involves your favorite activity. This can be anything from going to the beach to seeing a movie. This can also be something you’ve been wanting to do, like checking out the local zoo or museum. New experiences can also help inspire your creativity. Make a list of things you want to experience around town and choose one!

2.       Pamper yourself.

Get a mani/pedi or massage. You’re at the gym, pounding on your feet and roughening up your hands. Take a couple of hours and get pampered. If it’s not in the budget, check out your local coupon sites for deals. Groupon tends to run specials on spa treatments and massages. A massage can improve blood flow, lessen soreness, and can help make training more sustainable.

3.       Soak it in.

Soak in a hot bath and do an at-home spa evening. A hot bath, especially with Epsom salts can be relaxing and can help alleviate soreness and tightness. Add a DIY mask or sheet mask and you’ve got an at-home spa evening. Sheet masks are readily available at any local drug store, or you can search YouTube for popular DIY masks. A search for “DIY masks for glowing skin” instantly brings up dozens of great options!

4.       Enjoy some retail therapy.

Get a new pair of sneakers, socks, or leggings. Sneakers should be replaced every few months, so this can be a great opportunity to make buying a new pair part of your mini-goal accomplishment celebration. Some other options include new gym clothes. If you are looking for some good deals, check out TJ Maxx and Ross. They have high-end clothes for way less!

5.       Hit reset and recharge yourself.

Turn off electronics, snuggle up, and take a nap. This is one of my favorite options! Block out some time, close the blinds, turn off your phone, and snooze. Naps can help with recovery and can be an awesome way to recharge. Make sure your space is cool and dark, and give yourself time to wind down and sleep. Grab a good book and relax before napping. 

Plan out your reward the same way you would plan out your training. Give yourself 1-3 hours and set a day and time for it. Rewards should be non-food related and something you really enjoy. I like to decide what my reward will be for each goal I achieve. This also provides a fun incentive to crush goals!

Thanks for reading… until next time, train hard y’all and reward your hard work!

Erin Stern, 2x Ms. Figure Olympia
Team BetaTOR athlete

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