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June 1, 2015

When I make my New Year’s resolutions, I like to make sure I don’t forget about them shortly afterwards. This year I decided to check in on my progress every quarter when I pay my taxes. The easiest goal of all the ones I made for 2015 was to compete at least 5 times this year which I’ve already achieved. I wasn’t too surprised that I met my competition goals, since staying busy is the easy part for me. I spoke about getting too goal oriented and forgetting to take breaks which leads to less productivity instead of more. Therefore, my other goal of taking adequate breaks along with regular meditation was the one I needed to focus on more.

It’s not like I never take any breaks, yet I’ve learned to be consistent with them just as my training. I used to have to schedule breaks or they sometimes wouldn’t happen. With adding them, I can get more done, than if I used that time to work. The same logic goes for meditating. I’ve been doing it for years and have tried several methods to determine what works best. Just as anything in my life, I now make certain that I’m consistent with it to get better results. I’m happy I’ve been very consistent, yet would still like to increase the amount of time in each sitting to achieve my goal.

My training has been going very well and I was able to add an extra jiu jitsu class during the week. BetaTOR is always a huge help with class, weight training, and conditioning to help continuously push me to the next level especially during prep for a tournament.

Another goal was to increase my flexibility training, which I’ve been doing, yet plan to add some extra time with that goal as well. As for my book, I’ve been keeping to my minimum of a page a day goal, which has helped to keep the process flowing and moving forward.

I recently moved into a new place, so I’m feeling kind of like when it is the New Year. It’s that feeling of a new start and excitement about tackling goals. The two goals that I’m focusing to improve upon would be to increase both flexibility and meditation time. Not only will it help my jiu jitsu, but also it will keep me more calm and present in everyday activities.

Next month I look forward to competing in two tournaments two weeks in a row. Both of them are submission only and have a longer match length. I’m putting in more time with rolling and my conditioning, since my cardio needs to be on point with the increased rolling time. Stay tuned for the results in next month’s blog and happy training!

-Jennifer Dietrick, IFBB Pro/Martial Artist

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