Post Games Interview with Sam Dancer

September 22, 2014

Credit: CrossFit Inc.

After an amazing performance at the CrossFit Games we got a chance to chat with Sam Dancer from team CrossFit Conjugate Black to talk about the experience!

Q: Now that you’ve had some time to let it sink in how does it feel to have placed 2nd at the CrossFit Games?
SD: The appropriate answer is to say that it's amazing and I'm so honored, but I train to win and play the game to win. I expected 1st out of the team. We worked hard enough that I know we had every bit of potential of winning. With that being said and considering the ups and downs we had it was an incredible finish.  

Q:  What do you think made your rookie team so successful at the Games?
SD: We had strong people who were amazing athletes. We put in the time and made a lot of sacrifices in a short amount of time.

Q: What was your favorite moment from the Games that you will never forget?
SD: Hands down competing with my wife. Then it would have to be the final workout. Nobody had eyes on us because we were so far out from the podium so shortly after taking podium I ran over to see my family, I was so happy they were there.

Q:  Are there already plans in order for team Conjugate to band back together next year to try and take the title?
SD: Going team was an awesome experience. My wife and I don't live in Ohio anymore and the original team will most likely never be back together. Some of us moved, some are focusing on weightlifting, and some may not CrossFit again. That was a one-shot opportunity we had and we all knew that going in. Conjugate is a great gym, who knows what the future holds for a new team!

Q:  With only being in CrossFit for such a short time what would you attribute to your immense gains/success in the sport?
SD: I have been fortunate enough to have loyalty from my wife, business partners and friends. Loyalty by definition is a strong feeling of support, which is exactly what I feel from them. Opportunity by definition is a set of circumstances that allow something to even be possible. People often forget the amount of sacrifice new opportunity provides for both parties. But they are the reason I get to take all these awesome and new opportunities that allow me to grow as an athlete, human and coach.

Q:  How has HMB and BetaTOR helped you in reaching your training goals?
SD: My personal view and take on HMB free acid is, it has assisted in faster returns to the gym which have been a catalyst to having more improvements in muscle and strength gains.  I don't believe in overtraining. I believe there is unprepared and unrecovered. It allows me to prepare by applying more intensity to my training, with improved recovery.

Q:  I know you recently moved to San Francisco to be an athlete with the Fire in the NPGL.  How has that transition been?
SD: It's the busiest I have ever been and the hardest I have ever trained. I’m amazed by the intensity I derive from all the amazing athletes on my team.

Q:  What are your goals with competing in the NPGL?
SD: I want to be a champion.

Q:  What else is in store for Sam Dancer in the future?  Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
SD: I'm planning on doing some seminars in the near future, which is an exciting opportunity to travel, meet new people and build some awesome relationships. I don't know where I will be in 5 years let alone 5 months. Haha. I will do, go and be whatever brings glory to god.

Thanks for your time Sam and we wish you the best of luck with the rest of your NPGL season!

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