New Year and New Goals - Jennifer Dietrick

January 23, 2015

With the New Year brings new goals for 2015! I’ve always been very goal oriented and sometimes almost to a fault. Ideal health is body, mind, and spirit all in balance and I gave myself goals to make certain that I achieve that balance. The nutrition and training come easy to me in terms of dedication and consistency. Although it’s not always perfect, it is always consistent. I also enjoy staying active in competitions, so those goals are easier ones as well. At least five competitions are on goals list for this year. I’m most likely moving into a new place this year and wanted to take that into consideration when planning my competitions. I like a month free of competitions while looking for a new place and moving.  I didn’t want to commit to more than five although I would like to do more if my schedule allows.

My first competition is a jiu jitsu tournament this weekend and I’m excited and nervous as usual. It’s been three months since my last one and I’m eager to get back out there. I will be back at it again shortly after with another tournament on Feb. 8th. I’ve been keeping my conditioning on point to keep my stamina up for my matches.

My other training goals are to improve my ham-glute tie in and improve my flexibility. The ham-glute tie in is always a priority, especially for the stage. I always change up my training with hamstrings and glutes and currently started going heavy again. Pushing heavy weights is my favorite way to train and my body also responds best from that type of training. With the help of BetaTOR and HMB, my muscle soreness is decreased so my recovery time is shortened as well.

Improving my flexibility will help to improve my jiu jitsu and also aid in my weight training. I’ve always incorporated a decent amount of stretching and now I am increasing the time to push myself to the next level. It not only helps my muscles, but it is so relaxing for my mind.

Another goal of mine is keeping the consistency with writing my book. Between my clients and training, I’m not left with much extra time, yet make sure I write at least one page a day. With this method, I feel good about consistently moving forward even if it is in small steps. I’m currently in the middle of the second draft.

The most challenging goal of mine is meditation and incorporating adequate down time. I’m good at action taking, yet can sometimes struggle with relaxing. When I am very consistent with my meditation and taking small breaks in my day, I am so much more productive. When I’m productive, I’m happy! My natural instinct is to keep going and I sometimes forget to take breaks which actually leave me less productive and feeling exhausted at times. Just like overtraining, the same happens to my mind. I like to write out my goals and also specifics to adhere to those goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. So far, so good!

Check back with me next month for the results from the tournaments! Happy training!

-Jennifer Dietrick

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