March Tournaments - Jennifer Dietrick

April 3, 2015

It’s already April and I’m getting ready for another tournament with Subfighter BJJ. I’m expecting a good turnout in terms of number of competitors. Every tournament has a different style and this one has been one of my favorite so far. Unfortunately, the tournament at the Arnold had only one other woman for me to compete with and she was at a higher weight class. I was disappointed that there weren’t more women, yet happy I had at least one match. We tied and never went to the ground during the round. Then she got the first takedown in overtime, which gave her the win.

Since the Arnold match was similar to the one in January, I’ve been working on a new game plan to go to the ground sooner. I don’t want to have a match that is standing the entire time, since I don’t get any actual jiu jitsu experience. I’ve been working with Jared, my coach, in the personal lessons to add a few more options at my next tournament this weekend.

The rest of the time at the Arnold was a great experience. It’s always a pleasure to see the rest of the team and catch up with everyone. I feel very grateful to be a part of the team with such good people. The energy at the expo is always uplifting with so many athletes competing and attending. It was a busy and fun weekend, yet I was happy to get back to the warm weather here in California.

Training has been on schedule with both jiu jitsu and in the gym. I have some extra motivation since I’m currently training a client who is in contest prep. She is a pleasure to work with and it makes me just as excited as if I was competing myself. I tend to push myself even harder when I’m in the gym after I’m done training her. I like to always have small goals with my physique even if I’m not in contest prep to keep myself motivated. Fortunately, the additional conditioning I do for tournaments also helps with keeping my physique on point.

I have been adding new stretches and longer stretch time to increase my flexibility. I’m reminded of the mental benefits every time I am stretching. I initially do it for the physical, yet it is always so calming for me as well. Although I enjoy staying busy, I need the calming time to relax and rejuvenate.

I’ve also posted my new 5 fave video for back exercises. Check it below along with my previous one for abs. I’ll have a new one coming soon and also plan to compete in another tournament next month, so stay tuned. Happy training!

-Jennifer Dietrick, IFBB Pro/Martial Artist


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