Innovative Sports Supplement BetaATP® Launches New Website

March 15, 2015

Partners in innovation, TSI and Metabolic Technologies, Inc., invite visitors to explore the newly launched website.

“The website reflects BetaATP®’s increasing popularity in the sports nutrition industry due to its unparalleled ability to support muscle strength and athletic performance.” said TSI USA Inc.’s President, Larry Kolb. “We are pleased to provide our athletes and customers with a new comprehensive and user-friendly resource.”

MTI’s COO, Shawn Baier, adds that “the goal of the website is to provide a user-friendly experience with clear navigation and functionality throughout, allowing consumers to access detailed product information, scientific data, videos, athlete testimonials, and “where to buy” information on this market changing combination product.”

The site also includes extensive product information to help visitors understand BetaATP®’s mechanisms of action and the synergistic benefit offered by the combination product. Formulators and industry brands interested in evaluating clinical data, benefits, and claims can also find relevant information at

About BetaATP®
BetaATP® is the combination of two clinically proven ingredients, BetaTOR® (HMB free acid) and PeakATP® (adenosine 5-triphosphate), that maximize benefits of intense training by increasing gains in lean body mass, muscle hypertrophy, strength, and power.

BetaATP® creates a synergistic effect that leads to significantly better results during high intensity training while simultaneously preventing performance declines.

About TSI
TSI is a world-class manufacturer of innovative and functional health products for human consumption.  TSI strives to build the highest quality products, including sports nutrition ingredients PEAK ATP® and BetaATP®, to maximize and maintain active, healthy lifestyles for consumers. For more information please visit:

About MTI
MTI is a research driven company dedicated to the development of credible, safe and effective nutritional products including HMB®, BetaTOR®, and BetaATP®.  MTI sets product standards that meet or exceed the highest industry standards and support products by research and testing at top universities.  For more information please visit:

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