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December 22, 2014

At the end of last month I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with fellow Team HMB athlete and friend, Jada Kelly. It was time for some new photos for both of us and we were able to enjoy each other’s company in the process. The new photos will be used for HMB as well as updating my website. I’m excited about refreshing things for the New Year.

The shoot was more enjoyable with Jada as we were able to get a few silly shots along with fitness and bikini ones as well. Doing a shoot can have me more nervous than a competition, yet just as in competing, it is still fun and all good with the results. I especially enjoyed doing the fitness photos where I’m displaying my athleticism in various strength holds and gymnastics moves.

In doing a shoot at a time of year that is not just before or shortly following a bikini show is a good example of year round consistency with training and nutrition. Keeping my body healthy and fit consistently is important for so many reasons especially this time of year with the holidays. Both HMB and BetaTOR are significant factors in helping me reach my training goals and being consistent with my level of fitness in my physique. When training for a competition, it is easier to begin and follow the prep. My physique is an example of promoting for HMB as well as my personal training business. The most important factor of consistency is that I feel good on a regular basis.

Along with jiu jitsu class, I’m in the gym always fine tuning my physique as well as working my strength and conditioning. Bodybuilding has been a part of my training since my youth in gymnastics. It keeps me strong for jiu jitsu along with looking and feeling great. I’m currently focusing on my ham-glute tie in which usually needs the most focus compared to other body parts. Between my glute training with weights, I have a plyo day as well. Both help shape my glutes and keep me conditioned for sparring in jiu jitsu.

Since I haven’t competed since the end of October, I’m eager to get back to some tournaments. I just registered for my next one on January 24th, which will be followed by Gracie Nationals on February 8th. In March, I will be at the Arnold Fitness Expo working the booth for Team HMB along with competing in another tournament.

Training has been going well and I look forward to traveling to the east coast for the holidays for some family time and, of course, some continued holiday training. Stay tuned for next month’s blog and my new photos! Have a happy and healthy holiday!

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