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December 7, 2016

I recently enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving and have been reviewing my end of the year plans while looking forward to the holidays. I have one more tournament to compete in this year on Dec. 11th. I’m feeling more excited than ever for this tournament since I’ve been back in my groove. I often talk about consistency and moving forward no matter how small of steps you are taking. Well, earlier this year it felt like the steps were tiny, which can be frustrating, until more recent months when I have finally felt 100%. Even though it felt like a slow start, all of my goals will be completed by years end.

As usual, I’m hoping I have several opponents so I can test myself against as many different grapplers as possible. I’ve been working on some new submissions since I received my purple belt and would like to include them in my next tournament. I’ve recently increased the intensity of my strength and conditioning to aid in my competition performance. BetaTOR and HMB are a tremendous aid in my training, recovery, and athletic performance.

I’m very much looking forward to my trip back east over the holidays and at the same time itching for new goals in the New Year. I was happy with my progress of this year’s goals, which is always the reminder that every little step adds up in time. I’ll save the plane ride to think of my new ones for next year. I’m glad I’m finishing strong this year, which will motivate me more for next year. I’ll also be publishing my book in 2017, so it’ll be an exciting year. The writing progress has been long and tedious, so I’m looking forward to that accomplished feeling when I’m done. It has been a strong vision of mine since I started in the fitness industry full time.

I also have one more 5 Fave videos for the year as well. After completing all the major body parts, I decided to include one for the plyometric exercises that I do in my training. Since I include them so often in my strength and conditioning, I wanted to share my favorites. I may include some circuit training videos for next year amongst other varieties of training. I’m constantly adapting my training to my needs for competing along with keeping my physique balanced and healthy. My training has also included more stretching to reach my 2016 goals and keep my body balanced. A longer stretching time is the main difference for me now compared to when I was a child competing. Next year I am also going to have a specific stretch goal that I’m going to focus on along with my regular stretches.

I recently had a photo shoot and I am in the process of choosing which photos I want to be retouched. My favorite photos are always the ones where I’m doing an athletic move or stretch, which is true to my passion. I look forward to those during the shoot and feel more comfortable in the front of the camera while performing the movement. Look out for my new 5 Fave and some new photos! Happy training!

- Jennifer Dietrick, IFBB Pro/Martial Artist

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