HMB & BetaTOR highlighted in Nutritional Outlook!

September 24, 2014

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In the September issue of Nutritional Outlook Metabolic Technologies ingredients HMB (CaHMB) and BetaTOR (HMB free acid) are highlighted in the article Maximum Output: High-Performance Energy Ingredients for Sports Nutrition by Melissa Kvidahl.  In the article Kvidahl talks to ingredient suppliers to get the inside scoop on the sports nutrition market and how diverse it is becoming.  Shawn Baier, COO of Metabolic Technologies, states “People are realizing the importance of recovery following an intense training session and are interested in products that can provide them with an advantage in this area.”

It goes into further detail on the research behind HMB and how it has shown to minimize and/or eliminate losses in strength and power. 

Metabolic Technologies has also teamed up with TSI, supplier of the ingredient PEAK ATP to research the combination of BetaTOR and PEAK ATP.  As suspected, research showed that these two ingredients combined showed a synergistic effect. 

To read the full article regarding high-performance ingredients please click here and flip to page 68. 

For more information regarding HMB (CaHMB) click here.  To find out more about the new delivery form of HMB (BetaTOR) please click here.

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