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May 5, 2016

I’m thrilled to say that I feel back to my normal self again and my training intensity is at full capacity. My training has been anywhere from 30-70% for the last few months due to injuries until now. My toe is almost better and I can do everything in jiu jitsu with my wrestling shoes. I expect to not have to use them in another few weeks. The next jiu jitsu tournament is this June and I can’t wait to get back on the mats to compete! I’m going to appreciate it even more, since it feels so long since I’ve competed.

I’ve added another training session of jiu jitsu drills with a teammate to my training regimen. It’s nice to get a bunch of reps of specific technique that I want to improve upon in my game. Growing up competing in gymnastics where it is endless reps until it’s perfect, I often want to do more than the amount covered in a normal class. I’ve also been taking private lessons two times a week to add and refine techniques to my game.
My current training regimen has been jiu jitsu classes, lessons, and drills along with weight training and conditioning. On the days outside of jiu jitsu, I complete a strength and conditioning day, which includes exercises to help my strength and endurance in jiu jitsu. At the same time, it’s a great workout to keep myself lean and fit. I usually do upper and lower body plyos mixed with core training. It’s important for me to do plyos in the horizontal position for jiu jitsu. The cardio is different compared to standing plyos, i.e. side-to-side pushups on the BOSU vs. side-to-side squat jumps on the BOSU. I normally complete 3 rounds of 9-12 exercises for 30-60 seconds of each exercise.  I move from one exercise to the next without any rest. I alternate between exercises that involve a lot of cardio and ones that don’t require much given they are continuous. With BetaTOR and HMB, I can get through these high intensity training sessions and recover well to be ready for the next day. They are excellent supplements that gave me outstanding results in my physique and performance.

One of the remaining days I train legs with a high volume of exercises usually comprising of supersets. I have been keeping track of my hamstring strength on those days as a part of my 2016 goals. I’m happy that I have already seen a strength increase. The other remaining day I train back with plyos and/or abs in between sets. This regimen covers all my body parts in the week to keep me balanced. I add the plyos to keep the intensity high throughout the workout. I do flexibility work at the end of my training sessions and add extra time if my schedule allows. I’m still working on the double lotus as I am able to hold it longer without pain. I hope to reach my goal of getting into it without hands by the end of the year. I’ll be completing my 5 fave biceps video soon, so look out for it next month! Happy training!

- Jennifer Dietrick, IFBB Pro/Martial Artist

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