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September 2, 2015

This month’s tournament, Gracie Worlds, was a submission only format with fifteen-minute matches. Unfortunately, there were only four women total competing with blue belts, so they moved me to the higher weight class with only one match. I was the next closest weight to the competitor in the over 135 lb. division, which is why they chose me. Although I lost the match, I was able to try some techniques that I never tried before in competition. Learning from these tournaments is one of the several reasons I like to compete often. I feel as though it keeps me more consistent with my learning process of jiu jitsu and is also excellent practice for me to learn to keep calm during matches.

I’m planning to take September off from competing and looking to finish the year with at least two more tournaments. I also am looking forward to a break from my personal lessons. I always look forward to learning, but then I get to a point where I feel overwhelmed trying to remember everything. My brain automatically wants to master all the new techniques at once. I currently am picking a few at once to practice and go from there. A lot of physical techniques from gymnastics have helped with my jiu jitsu, yet how we learn is a different process than jiu jitsu. Mentally, I get stuck in that process at times and need to constantly readjust.

The next training video done by me and the other Team BetaTOR athletes is our favorite training day. I chose hamstrings because it was a lagging body part of mine so training my hamstrings has been a fun challenge. Also, there are many movements in jiu jitsu that definitely benefit by having strong hamstrings. Along with glute training, it is essential to keep my body balanced, healthy, and strong. I fit in my upper body training with my strength and conditioning circuits to improve my cardio, strength, agility, and keep my physique on point. BetaTOR does wonders with training intensity and recovery. I feel as though I constantly improve and can keep pushing myself with the help of BetaTOR.

I’ve recently increased my flexibility after a few little nags. I call them nags because they are not really injuries that would keep me out of training, yet they do cause me to alter parts of my training. Every time I stretch more it helps my body with training, stress levels, and being injury free.

On another note, I have recently finished the second draft of my book. I often get impatient with the process and just want it to be completed. I have to remind myself that it is a long term project and my training/competing and personal training business come first. I still complete at least 15 minutes a day, so I stay consistent with the process and do more if time allows. I’ve also been working on updating my website’s appearance and content, which will soon be done. Stay tuned for next month’s blog and my favorite training day video!

-Jennifer Dietrick, IFBB Pro/Martial Artist

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