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December 9, 2014

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A finely tuned sports car rumbles down the street. The purr of the engine, the shine of its paint – every onlooker recognizes its power. Do you think its owner skimps on fuel, oil changes, and other maintenance? In many ways, the physique is a lot like a sports car. Proper nutrition keeps our engines running on all eight cylinders. We must eat more to burn more. By developing the mindset of an athlete, we’re able to eat for performance. The focus on dieting dissipates, and the focus sharpens on eating to fuel workouts. Each successful training session is one step closer to our main goal!

How do you approach your fitness goals? A quick swap in terminology will help you hone your athlete’s mindset. Try using the following words, just for one week:

  • Weight room instead of Gym
  • Athlete instead of well, anything!
  • Training instead of Exercising
  • Perform a Set instead of Do a Set
  • Practice instead of Session
  • Re-fuel instead of Cheat Meal

The idea of performing a set during practice makes the time spent breaking a sweat much more like you’re training toward a tangible end goal. And you are! You have your objective goals in mind, and the knowledge that each rep brings you closer to those goals. It’s much less tempting to skip a session or allow someone chatty to interrupt you! Also know that you have someone relying on you to accomplish your goals: YOU!

The athlete’s mindset can also help us develop a healthy relationship with food. With women especially, we go through periods of “dieting.” This can categorize foods as either good or bad. Eating for performance takes some practice, and our mindset can be changed through the use of positive affirmations. “I only eat foods that nourish my body,” and “in order to reach my goals, I will eat balanced, healthy meals.” A balance of protein, carbs, and fats help to satiate hunger and give us the energy necessary to train to reach goals!

I think supplementation is important, too! BetaTOR has helped improve my recovery between training sessions, and has helped me get stronger on all of my lifts!

Thank you for reading! Until next time… train hard, y'all!!

-Erin Stern

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