Building Your Core | Carissa Johnson

October 9, 2017

"What are your 5 favorite movements for building your core?"

My 5 favorite core moves are the following:

  1. Double crunch/V Up:
    Double Crunch: easy to do whenever, wherever working both upper and lower abs... I credit this move for giving me my very first glimpse of a six pack after years of consistency.
    V Up: like the double crunch, works both upper and lower abs. Add weight for an additional challenge.
  2. GHD Sit Ups - power movement, extreme ab burner, love the challenge (definitely more of an advanced movement) - full body exercise that truly tones the core and utilizes countless muscles. Proceed with caution. If you haven't done this movement before start with small reps and sets and slowly build up over time.
  3. Hanging Leg Raise/Knee Raises -targets those super challenging lower abs and helps stretch and creates more clear ab separation. You can do a set of reps and/or hold till failure. Can effectively work obliques when crunching to side.
  4. Plank -standard staple, can be done anytime, anywhere.  The nice thing about the plank is that time can be adjusted according to fitness level and when performed properly, strengthens core and entire body. For an added challenge alternate raising opposite arm and leg.
  5. Back Extension / Glute Ham Raises - can't have a strong core without a strong back and posterior chain.  Your abs support your back so, don't neglect your backside!! Adding weight and holding at top of rep can make this exercise particularly challenging.

Be sure to watch the correlating video below for more info and a demo!

- Carissa Johnson, WBFF Pro & Fit Mom

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