Behind the Scenes with Erin Stern.

July 7, 2015

Q:  Thanks Erin for taking time out of your crazy schedule to chat with us. 
What’s currently going on in your hectic life?

Erin: Thank you for your time! I’m currently working on a few projects –the Ultimate Oxygen Challenge, writing another e-book, and creating a skincare line! I’m also training to compete in a bench press competition!

Q: We know you’ve been working with a lot of different fitness magazines… tell us a little bit about what you have in the works currently.

Erin: We’re a couple of weeks away from launching the Oxygen Challenge. This is a comprehensive three-month training and meal program, geared toward helping subscribers achieve fitness goals and a sense of balance in life. There is also an optional contest where the winner gets an Oxygen cover! A couple of months of planning, a week of filming, and a lot of detail went into the creation of the program. I’m very excited to get started!!

I just did a shoot for Muscle and Fitness Hers, which will be in the September/October issue. It’s a leg workout with some unique moves!

I did a shoot with Sarah Lyons last month. Some of the photos will be featured in MOST Magazine, along with an interview.

Q: Everyone wants to know… how do you keep your amazing physique year-round?  What do you think is most key to staying lean year-round?

Erin: Thank you! I like to stay lean year-round, as it helps me limit the amount of time spent “dieting.” Training is a factor in staying lean. I incorporate a lot of compound movements, circuits, sprints, and HIIT. This can help to elevate metabolism for 24-48 hours after training!

I try to make healthy food choices most of the time, and always have protein with each meal. I think the key factor to staying lean is mindset. Foods shouldn’t be considered “good,” “bad,” or “off-limits.” This helps eliminate thoughts of scarcity, and can help us not crave foods that might derail our efforts. If there is a craving that lingers, plan a treat meal and enjoy it.

I think that supplementing with BetaTOR has also helped my efforts. I feel that I have stayed leaner and stronger while taking it!

Q:  Always being a competitive individual do you have your eyes set on a competition of some nature soon? 

Erin: Of course! I have been working on my bench press technique. I will be competing in a bench press competition towards the end of the year!

Q: What will you be doing to prep for that competition?  Will you have a strict diet and training regimen?

Erin: The training regimen will be fairly strict. I need to get the volume and practice in. As far as the diet, I just need to stay within my weight class. It’s a nice change from physique-based competitions!

Q: What’s your favorite body part to train and why?

Erin: I love, love, love leg day! It’s such a rush to be able to lift heavy weights! I love the challenge of it! I also think I have made the most improvement to my legs over time. I used to be a skinny beanpole!

Q: What three movements do you think are essential to almost every training program?

Erin: Wow, that’s a tough one! I think this will depend on a person’s goals. That being said, I think we should all do some type of upper body and lower body press. It’s important to maintain strength over time. The upper body press can be anything from a military press to a bench press, and variations. The lower body press can be any variation of a squat or leg press. I think we should also train an upper body pulling movement for strength and posture. This includes rows and/or pull-ups (and their variations). Lastly, I think we should all train to improve and enhance mobility. This can be any exercise that is done with a full range of motion.  To sum it up: a form of a compound pushing movement, a form of a compound pulling movement, and mobility work.

Q: What do you think makes your training unique compared to other figure competitors?

Erin: I think I am unique in that I still train like an athlete – sprints, Olympic lifts, and utilizing mostly free weights. I rely on HIIT and circuits, rather than long duration, low-intensity cardio.

Q: What’s your favorite clean meal you cook?

Erin: I like making “meatza.” I make the crust out of ground chicken breast, turkey, or bison, 1/4c egg whites, and spices. Once the crust has baked for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees, I remove it from the oven and top it with tomato sauce, veggies, and a little bit of parmesan cheese. It’s so delicious – and healthy! Click here for my recipe!

Q: What’s your favorite “treat” meal you have?

Erin: Every couple of weeks I treat myself to either a big sushi dinner or a bucket of self-serve frozen yogurt with tons of toppings! I don’t do many “cheat” meals – I feel better when I have a treat that’s somewhat close to what I normally eat.

Q: I know you don’t add a ton of supplements to your regimen because you prefer to get your nutrients from whole foods, but what supplements do you never go without?

Erin: I never go without my HMB, of course! Otherwise, I take PEAK ATP, BetaTOR, Omega-3, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, and GABA before bed.

Q: Congratulations on the release of your book MPower Your Life.  What was your goal with that book and who do you think will most benefit from it?

Erin: Thank you! The goal of the book was to share my story and specific methods I used to achieve success. I included ways to improve mindset, how to set and achieve goals, how to maximize time in the gym, and how to eat in a sustainable way. I think the book will benefit anyone who is looking for ways to improve his/her life.

Q: What is something that most people don’t know about you?

Erin: I have a creative side – I write poems, sculpt, make jams/jellies, and just started making my own lotion!

Q: Any other shout outs you would like to share?
Erin: Thank you for taking the time to read my interview!

Thanks again Erin for your time and for sharing all the advice and exciting ventures going on in your life!  We wish you the best as you prep for your first bench press competition!

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