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August 3, 2016

My May grappling tournament felt very similar to my very first one in regards to nerves. I wasn’t too surprised since I had the longest layoff from competing in ten years. July’s tournament I felt much calmer and more focused. It was submission only rules and the match finished in a draw, which went into overtime. The overtime rounds started in a position to submit by arm bar. Again, neither of us submitted, and my opponent got the win since she escaped faster. It was my only match since the other competitor was injured in her first match.

During the regulation time of the match, I was attempting a choke submission, yet couldn’t get the finish. I’m focusing even more this month on improving the details of finishing submissions. I was pleased that I felt dominant for most of the match, yet would have obviously rather a submission for the win. I feel back on track and to my normal competitive routine as I was before the break. I’ll be entering Gracie Worlds at the end of August and striving for that finish in regulation time.

This past month I also checked in on my yearly goals, since we’re more than halfway there. All of my fitness goals are progressing in a timely manner. My hamstring strength is increasing, my flexibility is improving, and I’m on track with my tournaments. BetaTOR and HMB continue to aid in my training and recovery with all of my varied training during the week. Both supplements allow me to push myself more in training and recover faster for the next session.

This year I gave extra emphasis on my personal goals of self-care. It’s great to have high motivation in fitness goals, yet I also practice keeping a balance, which enhances all of my other goals. I work at practicing what I preach to my clients about having a balanced body and living a balanced life. My personal goals include adequate amounts and methods of relaxing and socializing. Keeping track of those help me to not over train with my fitness goals or overwork with my business goals.

I finally feel as though I have a system that works best for me with working on my book. I use to make a schedule for myself, yet it never seemed to flow which would leave me frustrated. By committing to my self-care goals, I naturally work on it during the week for the same amount of time or more than when I gave myself a schedule. The creativity flows better in this way and it’s progressing nicely. I aim to have the third draft done by the end of the year. I’m currently filling in the missing holes from the previous drafts and look to make minor changes for the final draft.

Check in with me next month for the results of my tournament and look out for my 5 Fave video for shoulders coming soon! Happy training!

- Jennifer Dietrick, IFBB Pro/Martial Artist

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