Arnold Pro Deadlift Recap with Bryan Dermody

March 23, 2018

Thanks Bryan for taking the time to answer a few questions today. First off, we know that your training leading up to the Arnold was derailed by Influenza B, but can you give us a recap on your performance and how you feel it went considering the circumstances?

BD:  I pulled 705-lb (320kg), 727-lb. (330kg), and 749-lb. (340kg) on my 3 attempts, respectively. Considering the circumstances I was pretty happy with this result. More than the result, I was happy with my mental approach to this contest. The easy road would have been to drop out of the contest because of a fear that people would look at the low numbers I posted and look down on my performance. My approach to coaching and athletics has always included a strong emphasis on training the brain. For this contest that meant putting circumstances behind me, doing all that was in my control to increase my meet-day performance through training, and then performing well on meet day.

All three of your deadlifts looked really smooth; do you think you left some in the tank?

BD:  With the adverse circumstances leading up to this meet, I went into it not wanting to fail, but rather wanting to pull three successful attempts. So yes, I think I had 10-20kg more in me. However, even if I would have pulled that, it would not have been a personal record, so I am happy with my approach and the result.

What type of training cycle did you implement leading up to this event?

BD:  I actually had trained and competed in a full, raw meet just 5 weeks prior to the Arnold. That training cycle included 3 days of training with each day including some version of squat, bench press, and deadlift. It was a percentage-based cycle. However, I am implementing auto regulation into my training more and more, especially on the accessory movements. My plan heading into the Arnold, prior to my illness, focused on 5x5 raw squats, front squats, suited deadlifts and deadlifts off of blocks.

What’s one thing you think is crucial to your training that most powerlifters probably don’t include in theirs?

BD:  Training my weaknesses. I very consciously and consistently evaluate my weaknesses and have my coaches evaluate what they see as my weaknesses in the three competition lifts and included movements in the training plan to address those.

Other than training, do you have a strict nutrition plan that you follow? 

BD:  I would not necessarily say it is the strictest in that I don’t count calories or anything like that. I do have several numbers I do want to hit in my nutrition plan, however:

  • Bodyweight in protein (in grams) – spread throughout 5 feedings
  • My bodyweight in ounces of water
  • 6-8 cups of raw vegetables per day
  • High carbohydrate intake post-workout (usually in the form of white rice or white potatoes)
  • I also include healthy fats at every meal, but I do not measure the quantity of these

What supplements do you use to aid your training?

BD:  Whey protein, Beta-Alanine, BCAA’s, PEAK ATP, HMB, and BetaTOR

What’s the best advice you can give someone that’s new or looking to compete in a strength sport?

BD:  Master technical proficiency in the competition lifts from the very beginning. Do not sacrifice technique for more weight on the bar. This will lead to a longer career and better performance in the long run. Let me throw one more in there. I constantly here newcomers to strength sports say that they are waiting to get stronger until they compete in their first competition. They end up never competing because they never think they are strong enough. Just go out and compete. Get some official results in a competition. It will give you something to improve upon and give you a ton of motivation in your training going forward.

What next for Bryan? 

BD:  USAPL Iowa State Powerlifting Championships June 16th of this year. I plan on competing in USAPL Raw Nationals in 2019 as a master and my short –term goals are to keep pushing my raw total up as I approach that national meet.

Thanks Bryan for your time!  We wish you the best with your training prep leading up to your meet in June!

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