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February 26, 2015

After almost three months off from competing, it felt great to be back out there! My first tournament of 2015 was NABJJF and there was no one in my weight class. I was prepared to compete, so asked if I could move up a weight class and they agreed. I had two matches, one loss by points and the other as well in overtime. I felt good about my performance given the weight difference and it’s always beneficial to get as much experience as possible. I also used it as a warm up to my next tournament, Gracie Nationals, which was two weeks later.

Almost all of the tournaments are 5-7 minutes long and scored by points. Gracie Nationals is submission only (no points) and have a match length of 15 minutes. Given that it usually is a while before I go to the ground, I like having more time in the match. I submitted my first opponent via arm bar and my second match was a draw. In my first match, I had taken her back a few times, yet couldn’t finish the choke. I was hesitant about going for the arm bar, since it is not my strong point. I decided to since 13 minutes had passed and the moves I normally go for weren’t working. My second match was more challenging and we went the entire 15 minutes without either of us submitting. In that case, no one moves on in the bracket. With these longer matches I’m glad I have BetaTOR to keep me strong during my performance and aids in my recovery following days.

I’m currently continuing training to be tournament ready for my next one at the Arnold Sports Festival. I’ll be working the Metabolic Technologies/TSI booth (#1712) at the Arnold Fitness Expo on Friday and Saturday, and then the tournament is on Sunday. It’s always great energy at the Arnold with so many different sporting events happening the entire weekend. I’m looking forward to a new tournament for a change of pace. I’m also looking forward to visiting with Team HMB and seeing some fellow team members compete.

In between, jiu jitsu class I’ve been changing up my training with various conditioning with helps with my stamina during matches and also the ham-glute tie in. I do a circuit which includes lower body plyos for the glutes as well as conditioning. In addition, I do upper body conditioning since it is similar positioning as in my matches and also keeps my chest, shoulders, and triceps strong. My other days in the gym include a glute day with weights and also one for back/abs which I also sometimes superset with glutes. With this weekly split, I cover all my body parts and keep myself balanced. I like to keep the glutes conditioned and show ready which means 2-3 days a week for training. I’m planning on doing a show, yet it won’t be until the end of the year. Right now I try to keep the focus on the next competition in front of me, since I sometimes get too far ahead of myself.

If you are at the Arnold, stop by booth #1712 to visit the team and see me compete on Sunday. Happy training!

-Jennifer Dietrick, IFBB Pro/Martial Artist

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