2016 Gracie Worlds | Jennifer Dietrick

September 6, 2016

This tournament was the first time in a while that I had two matches and was grateful for the experience. My first match was a draw in the regulation portion which led to overtime. I had a few submission attempts and was frustrated that I didn’t get the finish. In the first two overtime rounds we both escaped each other’s submission attempts from the back and my opponent escaped in a faster time. My coach told me to choose spider web position which allows for an arm bar attempt. I ended up getting the arm bar and escaping from hers, which in return earned me the win.

For my second match, I lost via knee bar submission during regulation. I look forward to getting back to practice to improve for my next tournament. I’m glad I have a drilling partner where I can have a day to work on specific submissions, passes, etc. I will be continually working on finishing my submissions. I’m always looking forward to improving my game and challenging myself.

The following day I earned my purple belt after four years of jiu jitsu. Regardless of the belt level, I’m happy I found a sport like gymnastics where I enjoy working hard from the start and continue to do so. It’s always a pleasure to continually be challenged and have fun in the process. I look forward to learning new skills and applying them to my game. I’ve also been working on getting into double lotus without hands as one of my New Year’s goals. My lotus has improved and I’m getting closer to getting that second foot in position without my hands.

I also am nearing the end of the third draft of my book. I’m happy I’m on schedule as my goal was finishing that draft by the end of the year. It’s exciting seeing it come together as it has been a long process. As someone who is a natural math/science person, it has been even more challenging than any of my sports. The challenge is what makes life more interesting and exciting.

As for my gym training, I’ve been continually changing it up with strength and conditioning to keep my body guessing and improving. I always train some type of plyos, which helps to improve my conditioning for jiu jitsu and also keeps my physique in check. The intensity keeps my heart rate elevated while my strength is also being tested. BetaTOR and HMB keep my training intense and my body recovered whether I’m training on the mats, in the gym or competing at a tournament.

I’m working on my next 5-fave video for shoulders, so look out for it soon! Happy training!

- Jennifer Dietrick, IFBB Pro/Martial Artist

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