2015 America's Strongest Man Results

November 10, 2015

On October 31st Team BetaTOR athlete Spenser Remick competed in the 2015 America’s Strongest Man (Heavy Weight Pro Division) in Atlanta, GA.  The competition was comprised of 5 events through the course of the day.  The first event was the log press where Spenser lifted 350 lbs.  Event 2 athletes had to carry a super yoke at 950 lbs. 80 feet for time.  Spenser completed this event in 15.94 seconds giving him a 6th place finish.  The 3rd event was a car deadlift where only 4 competitors were actually able to lift the implement.  The 4th event was the power stairs where each competitor had to lift 2 implements at 500 lbs. up a flight of stairs for time.  Spenser completed this in 18.56 seconds placing him 6th in the event.   The final event was 420 lb. atlas stone lifted over a bar.   Spenser was able to get 2 reps in the time allotted and finished the day in 9th place overall.  We are very proud to have Spenser as a part of Team BetaTOR and look forward to watching his Strongman career progress.

For full event results please click here.

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