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November 26, 2018

With the holidays quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to do a “12 Days of Fitness” Challenge. Here are 12 things to help you stay motivated and have fun with your workouts over the holidays!

On the first day of fitness, my training gave to me: 1 PR!

Today, choose any exercise and try to hit a PR! It doesn’t need to be anything crazy – you can attempt a big squat, run your fastest mile on the treadmill, or even plank for as long as you can (instant PR and abs of steel). If you’re on holiday and away from the gym, try jumping rope or do shuttle runs in a yard or field. If you’ve never done an exercise, it automatically counts as a PR too!

On the second day of fitness, my training gave to me: 2 dumbbells!

Grab 2 dumbbells and go through each circuit below 2 times:

1.       Front squats

2.       Romanian deadlifts

3.       Calf raises

4.       Walking lunges


1.       Goblet squats

2.       Dumbbell deadlift

3.       Reverse lunges

4.       Split squats

On the third day of fitness, my training gave to me: 3 must-do shoulder exercises!

Today, perform these 3 exercises for capped shoulders:

1.       Shoulder press

2.       Lateral raises

3.       Reverse flyes

If you’re not near a gym, be sure to pack resistance bands so you are able to train anywhere. Bump up the reps and keep constant tension. The holidays can be a time to take it easy on training, but a little physical activity can help keep muscles firing and can burn some of those extra calories.

On the fourth day of fitness, my training gave to me: 4 row variations!

Today, perform these four row variations to sculpt your back:

1.       Chest supported rows

2.       Seated cable row

3.       High row

4.       Low row

Training a variety of angles ensures that your back is well balanced which can equate to more overall strength on other lifts. Resistance bands can be used here – just change the angle of each of your four sets, starting from high to low. 

On the fifth day of fitness, my training gave to me: 5 minutes of planks!

Today, at any point, get in 5 minutes of planks. It can be 30 seconds here and there, or a couple of minutes at a time. Just get it in.

On the sixth day of fitness, my training gave to me: 6 sets of lunges!

Today, perform 6 sets of 30 lunges. You can do only body weight or feel free to grab some dumbbells. The goal here is to work the glutes and hamstrings. You can add this to your normal workout, or do this at home.

On the seventh day of fitness, my training gave to me: 7 minutes of stretching!

When was the last time you stretched? Be honest! Most of us don’t stretch enough. Set aside 7 minutes today to stretch from head to toe. You can do this after training or while watching tv. Stretching can help with recovery, reduce pain, and can help improve performance.

On the eighth day of fitness, my training gave to me: 8 minutes all-out!

Today, perform two Tabata circuits, for a total of 8 minutes of cardio. Choose from the following exercises:

1.       Burpees

2.       Step ups

3.       Jump rope

4.       Mountain climbers

5.       High knees

HIIT, or high intensity interval training, has been shown to burn fat, rev up the metabolism, and greatly reduce training time. Tabata circuits are a great way to get in your HIIT without equipment or the need for much space. Go all out for 20 seconds, rest for 10 and repeat until you reach four minutes/eight rounds.

On the ninth day of fitness, my training gave to me: 9 minutes of wall sits!

Today, perform 9 minutes total of wall sits. Isometric exercises, or ones where you hold a muscle in a tight contraction, can help build muscle, strength, and burn calories. If you’re at the gym, add some weight to your lap. If you’re at home, use water gallons. Get creative and get to those wall sits!

On the tenth day of fitness, my training gave to me: 10 minutes of walking!

Today, do 10 minutes of walking… three times during the day. A little bit here and there adds up, especially around the holidays. Walk after each meal or just walk when you feel like it. You’ll improve circulation, improve mood, burn a few calories, and get some fresh air. 

On the eleventh day of fitness, my training gave to me: 11 minutes of jumping jacks!

Today, toss in some body weight cardio for 11 minutes. It doesn’t matter if you do 30 seconds or 5 minutes at a time. Add another 11 minutes if you skipped the gym!

On the twelfth day of fitness, my training gave to me: 12 sets of squats!

Today, your leg workout will be 12x12 squats of any variation (back, front, overhead, zercher, landmine, etc.). Use a weight that is 60-70% of what you’d normally use, and take one minute rest in between sets. If you start to fatigue, you can drop the weight, but try to keep it the same throughout. This workout torches calories, busts plateaus, and provides a fun challenge that might leave you a bit sore.

I trust BetaTOR to prevent me from being as sore and to help me recover more quickly! I take it whenever and wherever I work out. 

Thank you for reading, and Happy Holidays!

Erin Stern, 2x Ms. Figure Olympia

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