Are there any other muscle building or nutritional supplements that I should use with HMB?

In a recently published paper, the benefits of combining BetaTOR with Peak ATP showed this supplement combination was synergistic, i.e. the two combined work better than each alone.  The study supplemented 3 g of BetaTOR per day with 400 mg of Peak ATP.  A one gram dose of BetaTOR and the 400 mg dose of Peak ATP were taken 30 minutes prior to exercise with the remaining servings of BetaTOR spread throughout the day. Learn more >

Another supplement shown to work well with HMB is creatine.  Specifically, the combination of CaHMB and creatine has been shown to have additive effects on strength and lean gains with resistance training and one would expect similar results when combining BetaTOR with a creatine supplement.

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