Tate Fisher

By Tate Fisher, Iron Tribe/CrossFit Athlete

“Over that last 2 months that I have been taking BetaTOR, I have noticed an almost inexplicable strength increase across the board with my training. In spite of not having the amount of time I need to focus on strength training, I have been able to increase weight on each of my lifts.  My most recent success, on April 19th, was a 10# PR on my deadlift. The best part of that story is that I had been stuck at 305 for almost a year! In addition to great strength gain, BetaTOR has enabled me to recover faster and more completely, which has allowed me to increase the intensity of my training program. My biggest competition is coming up this fall, and I have no doubt that BetaTOR will be the catalyst for a vast improvement in my overall performance.”

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