Philita Wheeler

By Philita Wheeler, NPC Figure Competitor

"I was introduced to BetaTOR about 2-3 weeks after my last figure show.  This is a time period where I quit taking all supplements for about 8 weeks so my body can have a chance to function without any added chemicals.  This is the only supplement I have been taking for the past 3 weeks. My results have been very surprising, to even me!  I started distance running again, after a five year hiatus I am back pounding the pavement. Much to my surprise, my mile splits caught me off guard. My endurance is above where I left off five years ago.  Yes, I do cardio during preps, but nothing equates to distance running. It’s a different game.  I have to give part of this credit to BetaTOR as the sustained endurance I’ve had has not been from lifting. Running at the pace I do feels effortless.  I’m so excited to have found BetaTOR and make it a new addition to my supplement regimen! I’m anxious to see where the next six weeks take me!"

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