Jared Enderton

By Jared Enderton, NPGL Grid Athlete/Olympic Weightlifter

"BetaTOR is one of the staples in my training regimen. Protein, creatine, fish oil, HMB, PEAK ATP, and BetaTOR. Those are the supplements that I take religiously and have seen a difference from. I love BetaTOR because I know I recover better when I take it. When I try new supplements I am meticulous in the experimentation. I keep my diet, sleep, training, supplementation, and schedule the same and only add 1 new supplement at a time (for 2-3 months). I then assess how training went throughout that period. After taking BetaTOR I was able to handle a lot more volume in my training and was lifting heavier weights much more consistently. I don't have to guess if it works - I know it works!"


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