Carissa Johnson

By Carissa Johnson, WBFF Pro/Fitness Model

“HMB has been such a beneficial supplement throughout my fitness journey, with building and sustaining muscle in spite of huge life-changing setbacks. Losing all my leg muscle after my traumatic auto vs. pedestrian accident, and now after having my rods removed in both lower legs, I’m coming back stronger than ever. Now with BetaTOR I have had immediate, noticeable results in my workouts. It's amazing! My cardio sessions are more intense and longer than ever because I have the endurance and power to keep pushing the intensity. My strength sessions have also improved significantly even on days when I feel weak. When BetaTOR gets into my system and I begin to lift, I've lifted heavier, with more reps than ever before. I'm blown away! After a strenuous strength-training workout, BetaTOR allowed me to push through 80 min, 821 flights of stairs at full pace; and I felt like I could keep going. That's a PR by an insane amount. This is my absolute favorite supplement. I've had some of the best training sessions yet and I'm excited to see the continuous improvement in workouts to come!”

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