The Ultimate Muscle Builder | BetaTOR


Fuel your working muscles with what they need – BetaTOR®.  Clinically proven BetaTOR® is the free-acid form of HMB - a unique metabolite of the powerful amino acid leucine.

BetaTOR® increases protein synthesis while decreasing protein breakdown allowing your body to build more muscle mass, combat muscle damage,  recover faster and optimize your training results.  Learn more about the benefits BetaTOR® has to offer here.




Need a program that will produce results?

Try out our 12-week training program.  This program was tested on elite athletes at the University of Tampa.  The results produced by those supplementing with BetaTOR® were staggering.  Subjects gained 16.3 lbs. of muscle in 12-weeks compared to the placebo group that gained 4.6 lbs of muscle.

Download the 12-week cycle to add muscle mass, total body strength and size below.


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*Before starting any training program (or supplementation regimen) you should consult with your physician to assure you are in good health for the type of program you intend to use.  This is particularly important if you intend to follow the program outlined here, as this program is designed to have you achieve your maximum intensity during multiple workout sessions.


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