WBFF Worlds Recap with Carissa Johnson

August 24, 2015

Thanks Carissa for taking the time to give us the dl on your contest prep and competing at the WBFF Worlds.  

Q: First off, how did you attack your contest prep?  How did you train for it and did you change up your training from the past?

CJ: In order to train for this contest, I did change up my strategy quite a bit. In the past, I balanced whole body training, making sure to focus on every muscle group equally. This year I studied my physique and hammered my weaknesses - mostly shoulders and glutes. I focused on hypertrophy training in order to increase lean muscle gains. I also incorporated CrossFit, which helped train muscles that I never work when I do isolated training. The HIIT CrossFit style also helped me burn fat and lean out.


Q:  Dieting for a contest can be intimidating and difficult.  What are your staples when getting ready for a show?  

CJ: Most definitely! Competition dieting is easily my biggest challenge. My biggest staples are grilled chicken, fresh spinach and avocado. Lean 1 Pro Cookies and Cream (Nutrition 53) is a must post workout, as well as Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bars to help me to get protein, and ward off my sweet tooth cravings.


Q: Obviously, nutrition and diet is key in your results, but what supplements do you use to help assist your training and prep?

CJ: Supplements are huge in my training! I train intense, and supplementing with the right products has helped me develop my best physique yet. Ever since I started training and eventually began competing, I’ve been a big fan of HMB.  It has helped me keep and maintain lean mass. Two key supplements in my training are BetaTOR and Peak ATP. Taking both BetaTOR and Peak ATP pre-workout has helped me step up my workouts significantly! I’ve seen significant improvements in strength gains, power, body composition, recovery, and aerobic performance. I don’t burn out as quickly, I’m able to work out harder, and I’m able to bounce back quicker. It’s incredible; I’ve had some of the best workouts, lasted longer, and pushed harder than ever before while taking these safe, and scientifically proven supplements.


Q: How do you personally feel about your performance at the 2015 WBFF Worlds?

CJ: I honestly felt like I brought my best package to the stage yet. I’ve developed better shoulders, more defined glutes, and my overall proportion was ideal. My cut went extremely well, leaning out without losing too much lean mass. Competition day my physique came in just the way I’d like. I was the most confident and natural I’ve ever been.


Q:  If you were to go back to the drawing board, is there anything you would change about your prep?

CJ: In the past, yes; this year, no. I did everything I could with the time I had.


Q:  What is your favorite part of competing?

CJ: I love pushing myself to my limits. I love challenging myself to see what I’m capable of and seeing the final result after months of hard work. It’s extremely rewarding. I love having the opportunity to hopefully inspire others to achieve their goals.


Q: After stepping off stage, what did you treat yourself to?

CJ: Super cheesy pizza and chocolate chip cookie dough with ice cream! I had it planned perfectly lol. It tasted like happiness. ;)


Q:  Any tips or advice for the ladies who are thinking about competing in the WBFF?

CJ: Be you, be confident. Work on your weaknesses and be honest with yourself. Be disciplined and don’t give up. Be persistent; sometimes it takes time to achieve your goals.


Q: Any other shout outs or items you would like to share?

CJ: I am so blessed to be where I am today. I would have never imagined God would allow me to come back from such crazy injuries like I have. God is so good!
Huge shout out to my super supportive and inspiring husband… my rock, and to my amazing family and friends who have always believed in me!


As always it was great chatting with you and congratulations on your performance at the WBFF Worlds.  You looked absolutely beautiful on stage and we look forward to watching your journey continue to unfold.

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