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May 18, 2015

Erin Stern talks about the importance of your central nervous system recovering from hard training.

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April 16, 2015

Erin Stern shares when to use static and dynamic stretching to increase flexibility and improve your performance.

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March 16, 2015

Erin Stern shares 5 tips to help you stay on track year-round.

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February 9, 2015

Erin Stern talks about training and rest days and how to incorporate the best program for you!

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January 15, 2015

Erin Stern shares the importance of finding training that best suites you.

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December 9, 2014

Erin Stern talks about how to develop the mindset of an athlete to help you build the physique you desire.

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November 11, 2014

Erin Stern shares her new training program that focuses on power while maintaining a figure physique.

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October 2, 2014

Erin Stern shares about switching gears and starting to program for competing in track and field.  She also shares tips on incorporating plyometrics into your training.

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September 12, 2014

Erin Stern talks about making a plan when it comes to her training and gives tips on how to avoid plateauing!

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