Jennifer Dietrick

Martial Artist | Retired IFBB Pro

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Martial Artist & Retired IFBB Pro Jennifer Dietrick

2021 Submission Only Series - 2nd
2020 Submission on the Shore - 1st
2019 World No Gi IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship - 1st
2017 Subfighter No Gi Spring Challenge - 3rd
2016 Subfighter No Gi Holiday Challenge - Champion
2016 XBT Gym No GI Classic - Champion
2015  Subfighter No Gi Summer Challenge - Champion
2015  Subfighter No Gi Women's Tournament - Champion
2015  Subfighter No Gi Spring Challenge - Champion
2014  10th Annual North American Tournament - Champion
2014  California 1 Open Championships - 2nd
2013  NABJJF Worlds - Champion
2013  NAGA San Diego Grappling Tournament - 2nd
2012  IFBB Los Angeles Grand Prix - 6th
2012  IFBB Muscle Contest Pro Bikini - 8th
2011  IFBB Phoenix Pro - 6th
2011  IFBB Muscle Contest Pro Bikini - 9th
2010  IFBB Sacramento Pro - 8th
2010  IFBB Tournament of Champions - 6th
2010  Europa Supershow Dallas - 5th
2010  IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure & Bikini - 8th  
2009  NPC Team Universe Championships (Class C) – 2nd place – earned pro card
2009  NPC Los Angeles Bikini (Class A) – 2nd place
2009  NPC California State Bikini (Class A) – 4th place
2007  NPC San Jose Fitness (Class B) – Champion
2007  NPC Los Angeles Figure (Class C) – 3rd place
1997  NPC North Pocono Fitness Classic – 1st place
1996  NPC South Jersey Fitness Classic – 2nd place
Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education for Biology


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                                                 -Jennifer Dietrick



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