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Powerlifter / Former Strength & Conditioning Coach Bryan DermodyPowerlifter/Strength Athlete

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2018  Arnold Pro Deadlift participant
2017  USA Powerlifting Iowa State Championship - Champion
2017  Arnold Sling Shot Pro Deadlift - 4th
2016 Fit Expo USAPL Pro Deadlift - 2nd
2016  Arnold Sling Shot Pro Deadlift - 4th
2015  USAPL Deadlift Nationals - Champion
2015  Arnold: BetaTOR/PEAK ATP International Pro Deadlift participant
2014  Empire Classic GNC Pro Deadlift Championships
2014  Arnold: GNC International Pro Deadlift participant
2013  Midwest Raw Powerlifting Meet - 1st
2013  USAPL Heavy Metal Open - qualified for 2014 Raw Nationals
2013  Empire Classic GNC Pro Deadlift Championships - 2nd (new PR - 793lbs)
2013  Arnold GNC International Pro Amp Deadlift participant
2012  NAPF Deadlift Championships - 1st and heaviest pull overall with 766 lbs.
2012  Empire Classic: GNC Pro Deadlift participant - PR 788 lbs.
2012  Arnold: GNC Pro Performance Pro Deadlift participant - PR 782 lbs.
2011  NAPF Deadlift Championships - 1st
2011  Empire Classic GNC Pro Deadlift - 4th
2011  Arnold Classic: GNC Pro Amp IPF Pro Deadlift participant
2010  USAPL Deadlift National Championships - 1st
2010  USAPL Men's Open Deadlift (125kg Division) - 1st/Best Lifter
2010  Arnold Classic: GNC IPF Deadlift participant
2009  USAPL Deadlift National Championships - 1st/Best Lifter
2008  Illinois Ultimate Strength Series - 1st
2008  Circle City's Strongest Man - 1st 
2008  Iowa Strongest Man (Pro Qualifier) - 4th
2007  Illinois Ultimate Strength Series - 1st


"As good a product as HMB is, BetaTOR takes recovery to a level that I honestly never thought was possible. Maybe the simplest way I can explain it is this: without HMB or BetaTOR DOMS is present the day after training, greatest about 2 days after training and then gradually subsides after that (depending on the amount of muscle breakdown present). DOMS greatly inhibits training while it is present. HMB cuts typical DOMS by about 50%, but BetaTOR cuts typical DOMS by 75-100%. The result is that you can train at higher volumes, intensities and frequencies than your competition and that translates into faster gains than your competition and hopefully wins on competition day! I cannot say enough about BetaTOR. If I had to pick just one supplement to take, this would be it!"

                                                                                                                                                    -Bryan Dermody


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