Improve your peak muscle power performance with BetaTOR.

0% 5% 10% 15% 20% BetaTOR Improves Wingate Sprint Power Percent Gain in Wingate Power Placebo BetaTOR Over 54% greater gain in Wingate power with BetaTOR over a 12-week training study!

BetaTOR increases Wingate Peak Power by 54%
The development of muscle power is important in virtually every sport.  In the 12-week study by Wilson et al. (2014), power was measured using a modified Wingate peak power cycling test as well as through the vertical jump test.  Over the 12-week study, BetaTOR supplementation resulted in an 18% increase in Wingate power compared with only a 12% increase in placebo-supplemented participants.  BetaTOR resulted in a 54% increase in Wingate power over training alone.

0% 5% 10% 15% 20% BetaTOR Increases Vertical Jump Power Percent Gain in Vertical Jump Power Placebo BetaTOR Over 58% greater gain in vertical jump power with BetaTOR over a 12-week training study!

BetaTOR increases Vertical Jump Power by 58%
Vertical Jump power is another measure of the explosive power of muscle contraction.  Similar to the Wingate peak power test, BetaTOR supplementation also increased Vertical Jump power by 19% while placebo-supplemented participants only saw a 12% increase resulting in a 58% increase in Vertical Jump power with BetaTOR over training alone.

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