12-Week Challenge | Build Muscle | Improve Strength



Don't let your training become stagnant or allow yourself to plateau.  Training is a potent anabolic stimulus, which dictates muscle hypertrophy and strength gains achieved.  However, your training is limited by your ability to recover.

BetaTOR is a supplement that helps shifts the balance of protein synthesis and protein degradation in your favor and allows you to recover faster so you can maximize your training volume and frequency, thus maximizing your gains!

To optimize your results at the gym you have to have a training program that is cycled or periodized to get the greatest stimulus. 

Try our 12-week challenge to build muscle and strength.

Download the 12-week cycle here


Recover faster so you can optimize each training session!


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*Before starting any training program (or supplementation regimen) you should consult with your physician to assure you are in good health for the type of program you intend to use.  This is particularly important if you intend to follow the program outlined here, as this program is designed to have you achieve your maximum intensity during multiple workout sessions.


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