USN Liquid Muscle

Liquid Muscle is the combination of BetaTOR and Choline. 

HMB is a metabolite of the branched chain amino acid leucine that's been shown to increase protein synthesis.  BetaTOR is the pure, free acid form of HMB allowing faster absorption, increased blood levels and increased clearance to tissues compared to normal HMB (CaHMB).  Supplementing with HMB has been proven to help aid strength gains, improve body composition and endurance.

Choline has been shown to aid with cognitive function. It is also liver protective and has been shown to help reduce fatty liver build up. Choline may help delay fatigue in endurance sport.

For more information on BetaTOR:

The mechanisms on how BetaTOR works.
BetaTOR improves the effects of weight training.
BetaTOR improves peak power performance.
BetaTOR enhances body composition.
BetaTOR blunts muscle damage allowing for a faster recovery.
BetaTOR enhances aerobic metabolism.
BetaTOR is proven safe with no adverse effects.
BetaTOR is thoroughly researched and has proven results.

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