Bulk Sports HMB Jet

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HMB Jet (sold exclusively in Japan) is a jelly drink in a pouch that you can consume without water.  This quick and efficient pouch contains a combination of the patented ingredient BetaTOR (HMB free acid) and the vital nutrient Vitamin D.  HMB Jet promotes muscle protein synthesis while simultaneously decreasing muscle protein breakdown allowing athletes to blunt muscle damage, recover faster, and improve overall performance.  

For more information on BetaTOR:

The mechanisms on how BetaTOR works.
BetaTOR improves the effects of weight training.
BetaTOR improves peak power performance.
BetaTOR enhances body composition.
BetaTOR blunts muscle damage allowing for a faster recovery.
BetaTOR enhances aerobic metabolism.
BetaTOR is proven safe with no adverse effects.
BetaTOR is thoroughly researched and has proven results.

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